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Renee Rahz is the 2017 Kirtland High School Scholarship recipient. Renee has displayed determination, desire and motivation to succeed.  She is kind, respectful and has worked hard to plan for her future.  Walking into the high school as a freshman, this young girl was quiet and timid – school did not always come as easy to her as it did for some of her peers – she had to work harder and longer to be successful.  However, as a junior, when Renee joined Auburn Career Center’s Interactive Multimedia program, she was able to find her creative outlet, which allowed her to significantly increase her academic success.  She became her own best advocate when things became difficult in and out of the classroom.  The young lady she is today, getting ready to walk across the graduation stage, is still quiet, but much more confident in her abilities and how she can use them to be successful in life after high school. The Christopher R. Howell Foundation is thrilled to present Renee Rahz with a $10,000 scholarship to pursue an education, which includes attending Lakeland Community College to study either Creative Writing or Digital Arts.

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