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In May of 2010, Sean Ewing graduated from Cedarville University with a B.A. in Biblical Studies. In July of 2010 he married his wife Sonya whom he met while a freshman at Cedarville University. She also graduated with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. They moved to Durham, NC in July of 2010 so that Sonya could begin working as a full-time nanny and also begin working on her photography career. He will begin his studies in the M.Div. program at Duke University's Divinity School. Sean is currently finishing his second of three years with a 3.75 cumulative GPA thus far.


Sean's most proximate goal after graduating is to be ordained into a North American province of the Anglican Church. Sonya and Sean have been very involved in their local church's ministries and look forward to where they might serve after he graduates. He also hopes to continue his education in the D.Min. program at Duke Divinity School, but will need to fit in with wherever ministry might take them, he says. Sonya and Sean are hoping that he will be able to help to supply a church that was planted by their home church after he graduates. The church is located in semi-rural North Carolina.


Seans says that he is grateful to the Christopher R. Howell Memorial Fund for making his education possible. Not only did the scholarship help him financially, but it has served as a confirmation and affirmation of his call into ministry. Christopher's memory helps to keep Sean accountable, it reminds him that his education, beliefs, work, etc. must all ultimately boil down to serving others.


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